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Our Community Multi Academy Trust is a group of town, city and village schools that have joined together to provide the very best education for the children in our care and where we believe that education is very much a matter of the individual.

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Corona Virus Restrictions

 The school did not close during the lock down, staying open throughout this time for vulnerable children, Key Workers and those with EHCP's.  During this time the school supported home learning through regular delivery of homework packs, stationary packs and creative resources and kept in contact with all of our parents by phone and email. We also had a home-learning page on our website with lots of curriculum related activities. We also tracked the local wildlife through our Facebook page.

 Since returning to the school the children have been supported in their learning. Following simple baseline assessments the staff have ensured the children have an appropriate curriculum as well as catching up on things they have missed. Following Leuven scaling the children for involvement and well-being our well--being team of Mrs O'Driscoll and Mrs Smith have been busy running 'talk time', social groups and other nurture times to ensure all of our children are ready for learning.

The school's response to Government guidelines

Our Risk Assessment for re-opening is comprehensive and whilst we cannot eliminate the risk, it sets out the ways in which we plan to minimise the risk, such as:-

- Lynsted and Norton will operate as one whole school mega bubble, this allows us flexibility with support staff should we need.  However, within this, there will be 2 smaller bubbles: Reception and KS1 (Red Bubble) and KS2 (Blue Bubble).  After school club will be treated as one group / Breakfast Club will also be treated as one group, but where we can there will be separate seating areas for KS1/2.

-Key stage bubbles will be able to interact amongst themselves at playtime, lunchtime and during PPA, but will not mix freely with other bubbles during the day

-Staggered and/or separated breaks and lunches will be in place for each key stage bubble

-Daily learning will take place in the normal 4 class groups

-Children will be told only 2 children can enter the toilets at a time.  

-No parents are permitted to enter the school site unless it is an emergency.  If this is the case they will be able to come to the office, where one parent at a time will be admitted to the office to speak through the closed and screened office door

-Parents entering the site are asked to wear face masks if possible.  We also have a 'Visitor protocol' form for you to read and sign

-To minimise 'touch points' doors will be propped open where possible

-Hand sanitiser and hand washing supplies will be in each classroom

- Cleaning equipment for interim 'wipe downs' of resources / equipment will be in each classroom

-The cleaners have been issued with rigorous cleaning instructions and we have increased our weekly cleaning hours

-All pupils will need outdoor coats /sun tan lotion and hats as there will be an emphasis on as much outdoor PE and other relevant learning opportunities  as possible.  Indoor learning will be mostly desk based in KS1 and the guidance advises staff to try and maintain a 1m distance from each other and pupils when circumstances allow

- Children in KS1 and KS2 will be provided with their own named set of stationary that will remain in school.  They do not need to bring in anything from home

- Children can bring in a small named bag to bring in suntan lotion, glasses, etc but not book bags, school bags, or toys/resources from home

- School uniform should be worn.  No extra washing is required, just normal hygiene practices to maintain it

- On PE day (Wednesday) children can come into school in their PE kit and will remain in it all day

- We will be using the field all year round and children are invited to bring in a pair of outdoor shoes to keep the school clean.  This is not compulsory .

- Normal school dinners lunches can be purchased / requested.  Packed lunch pupils will eat in the hall too. with school dinner children.  There will be staggered times in the hall.  Please ensure pupils are able to open packets/bottles independently and that items such as fruit are cut into appropriate sized pieces for the age of the child.  KS1/EYFS children should not have whole grapes as they present a choking hazard (just slice in half).  Please send in healthy snacks for playtime too.

- There will be no assemblies or larger 'gatherings' to minimise the risk in school.  We will maintain class contact through virtual assemblies and are looking into a safe way of sharing these with parents. See our harvest assembly here

- Additions to the behaviour policy to reflect hygiene requirements will be shared.  Also the expectation regarding social distancing and no 'touching others' or wandering into other areas of the school

- staff will where possible maintain a distance from pupils unless first aid or intimate care are required for which PPE will be available.  Staff will avoid close face to face contact to minimise time spent within 1 metre of anyone

-We will comply with the NHS Test and Trace service if there is a confirmed case within the school

This is not an exhaustive list, as we move along and more guidance is issued, we will continue to update these measures.


In March 2020 when the coronavirus (COVID19) outbreak was increasing, parents were not penalised for their child's non-attendance at school.  The Government have now made clear that because the circumstances have changed and it is vital for all children to return to school for their education, wellbeing and wider development, attendance will be mandatory again  from September 2020.  This means that the usual rules on school attendance will apply.  

 Should your child show any of the three main symptoms of Corona Virus;

A high temperature

A continuous cough

A loss of sense of smell or taste

 your child should not attend school and your family should isolate. Please look at the flow chart below if you are unsure of what to do.

Making up for lost time

 We have reviewed the learning that was lost during March - June or September. Whilst many children were in school and some were completing home learning we completed short baseline tests when the children entered the school in September. 

 The school has made the decision to maintain a broad and balanced curriculum with no subjects being squeezed to make room for catch up. Instead the focus in Maths and English has been focused on the gaps shown by the baseline tests. In the wider curriculum we continue to teach the planned curriculum as highlighted in our curriculum pages. 

 In the last week of each term we will have a focus on a missed area of the curriculum and cover the key knowledge. As our curriculum is both knowledge and skills, with the skills being revisited throughout the Key stage our main focus is the lost knowledge. We are however aware that due to vertical classes and a two year rolling program this needs to be key facts otherwise for some children the knowledge will be repeated.

 Wider curriculum assessments will be completed in December, with Maths and English transition assessments in October and December.

 Remote learning

     In order to ensure that learning is continued, irrespective of lockdown and self-isolation, we have developed a remote learning plan. This plan offers remote learning opportunities using digital media. We have analysed our cohorts this year and all have access to digital media or have had support from the school to get access.

This plan will be applied in the following instances:

  • An individual is self-isolating because of a positive test within the household;
  • A class of children are self-isolating because of a case of coronavirus in the bubble;
  • A whole bubble or cohort is self-isolating because of an outbreak of coronavirus;
  • A child/children have been contacted via Track and Trace to self-isolate;
  • A child is having to self-isolate due to waiting for a test or for test results for themselves once they are feeling well.

In the event of any form of isolation and loss of learning caused by Coronavirus, parents must understand that engagement in home learning is compulsory, as is the expectation that Lynsted & Norton school makes that provision available and accessible to all. However, if children themselves are too ill to attend then they should not be expected to engage in home learning.

Parents and children need to ensure they have logins and passwords for Tapestry, issued when they join school. When the Microsoft teams emails are in place for the children (due end of October)  passwords will be sent to parents. These can be resent at parent’s request. Other resources used will be free and accessible to all.

  Keeping safe

 We have carried out a full risk assessment and adapted the guidelines to suit our school.  We have and will continue to review this regularly inline with new guidance to make the environment for both pupils and staff as safe as we can.  

Here is our latest risk assessment. All of our outside providers have supplied us with their own assessments and we have a clear visitor protocol.

Some reminders:-

- We have a staggered start and end time - entrance to the school will be between 8.40 and 8:50 depending on class.  If your child travels by taxi, please let the taxi firm know the times. 

 Parents are not able to enter the school site, unless it is an emergency. Parents who do need to enter the site are asked to wear a mask if possible. Children are not to wear masks in school in line with current Government guidelines.

 Parents are asked to socially distance outside the school and we have marked the pavement at 2 meter points to help you.

Teachers will be at the gate to welcome the children in and the children will go straight in to the class and wash their hands.  

We are trying to restrict things coming from home to school and from school to home, therefore we will use parent mail for any forms, encourage online payments, don't allow water bottles from home and provide each child with their own stationary pack.

- Lunch will be in two sittings, so we can clean down the hall in between

-We will be allowing children to take a reading book home..  Books will be in quarantine for 72 hours before they are put back into the system.

-We would like all children to come into school in their PE kits on a Wednesday please.  This day will now be used for PE and outdoor/messy learning.  Please remember to send them in with kit for all weathers.  PE kits cannot be stored in school at the moment!

- Children can bring in an extra pair of sensible shoes to leave in school, or wellingtons, so they have one pair for outdoor wear and one pair for indoors.  We will be using the field all year to enable us to have distanced play times.  Please ensure your child can independently change their shoes quickly.  This is not compulsory but will help us keep the school as clean as possible.

We be changing how we administer any medicines within school which will suppress temperatures. Calpol and Nurofen will reduce a child's temperature so these will only be administered for very specific, non viral-related, reasons (non-viral meaning not for general colds and viruses and obviously nothing which is related to Covid symptoms). Your child’s temperature will be checked prior to us administering this medication to ensure no temperature is present before administration. Parents must complete the Medicine Administration paperwork to enable the school to administer.

We are here to support you and your family so please do get in touch if you have any worries, information on family changes, or any feedback that will help us to help you and your child.

Amended policies and additional documents

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