The Village Academy

The Village Academy is a group of town, city and village schools that have joined together to provide the very best education for the children in our care and where we believe that education is very much a matter of the individual.

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What is science ?

  We believe that science should be a key part of a discovery curriculum, enabling children to ask questions and find answers. Scientific understanding will allow pupils to use key concepts in a range of contexts, both familiar and unfamiliar, and build up confidence in their application of knowledge both in this subject and in other areas.  

We aim to extend children’s natural curiosity and wonder about the world in which they are growing. We encourage questioning and careful observation, measurement and the enjoyment of problem solving.

What does science look like at Lynsted ?

We will provide opportunities for pupils to explore ideas and concepts in a range of environments which include the local woodland and the wetland. 

Science is a methodology, a practical way of finding reliable answers to questions we may ask about the world around us. Science in our school is about developing children’s ideas and ways of working that enable them to make sense of the world in which they live through investigation, as well as using and applying skills. We believe that a broad and balanced science education is the entitlement of all children, regardless of ethnic origin, gender, class, aptitude or disability.

 We try to promote scientific thinking, observation, hypothesising and the design of fair and controlled experiments. We teach children to draw meaningful conclusions through reasoning and the evaluation of evidence, and to become effective communicators of scientific ideas, facts and data.

 Click here to see our Science curriculum overview.

Here are the Cycle A planning documents which identified the skills and the knowledge the children need to know by year group.  Teachers will give an assessment on the skills that they have taught at the end of each term.

Year 1/2

Year 3/4

Year 5/6

Spring term science 

 Griffin class