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Sports Day! (36 images)

Year 3 production of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' (16 images)

Year 3 Learning Group have studied the works of Shakespeare - in particular the comedy 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. We put together a performance of this.

Year 2 Minibeast Hunt (22 images)

This term we will be writing poems about minibeasts. Therefore, to give us some inspiration, we went on a minibeast hunt around the school. We found lots of minibeasts including snails, spiders, ants, worms, bees and woodlouse!

Year 5 Moon Phases Box (18 images)

In science we have been looking at the topic 'Earth and Space'. We were really interested in the purpose and responsibilities of the moon and decided to investigate further.

Sport Relief (42 images)

Year 5 World book day (3 images)

Year 5 WaterAid Project (19 images)

Year 5 Autumn poems and artwork (19 images)

The work that we showed at the Autumn service.

The O2 experience! (12 images)

The school choir were 20 of 8000 children singing for charity at the O2 on 8th February. What a great time we had!

Year 5 Ancient Greek Topic Term 1 (50 images)

We had a fantastic Greek topic!

The Write Song (5 images)

Year 3 learning group creating our own song about writing.

Year 2 Celebration Morning (9 images)

On Thursday 1st October, Year 2 invited their family to a Celebration Morning to hear all about what we have been learning in English. We had been looking at stories with a familiar setting, particularly the story 'Paddington in the Garden'. We retold the story to our parents and explained what we had learnt. We even got the chance to play pin the marmalade on Paddington!

Oare Gunpowder works (16 images)

Sprites class went on a lovely trip to the Oare Gunpowder works, where we went on a journey through the woodland, did some natural art and learnt about the gunpowder plot!

Alien Encounter! (24 images)

General Gallery (5 images)