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Week 3

We will be continuing to use the Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch this week and will be exploring writing character profiles, using adjectives to make our sentences more interesting and finding and writing dialogue in stories.

In Maths, we will be exploring coins,what they are, their value and spending them in the role play shop.

In CIA time, will have opportunities to explore pulleys and ropes, floating  and sinking and creating narratives though role play. We will also be making sandwiches with healthy options.

{LATEST_NEWS}Don't forget Sports Day on Tuesday. Please ensure your child has their PE kit ready for the day!


Pixie Class (Reception)

A Message from the Pixie Class Teacher, Mrs Frost



Here’s wishing a warm welcome to our very youngest members of our school, together with their parents and family.  We welcomed 15 new children to Pixie Class this year,  all of whom I am confident will quickly adapt to the routines of school life and will enjoy being part of our school community.  We begin our day in Pixie Class with a welcome, a calendar change and weather board, before going to morning assembly!  We teach phonics every day, have a boogie to Wake and Shake and then settle down to our Literacy Sessions. This term we will be using the texts, The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch, Under the Sea, Tiddler the story telling fish, Shipwreck Sam and Lucy and Tom at the Seaside.


Our topic in Term 6 is The Sea. We will learning about sea creatures, lighthouses, pirates, mermaids, floating and sinking and talking about different environments. On June 30th, we will be taking learning to the beach at Margate!


Geraldine the Giraffe continues to help with teaching phonics. This term we are consolidating Phase 3 digraphs, the use of those digraphs in reading and spelling simple words and moving on to Phase 5 digraphs. Here is a list of sounds if you would like to practice at home!

Phase 3: ch,sh,th,ng,ai,ee,igh,oa,oo,ar,or,ur,ow,oi,ear,air,ure,er

Phase 5: ay,ou,ie,ea,oy,ir,ue,w,wh,ph,ew,oe,au


In Maths, we will be exploring number through games, outdoor activities and small work groups. We are learning to count, read, order and say one more or less from a given number to 20. We are adding and subtracting and recording our answers.

We also spend time learning how to solve problems which include doubling and halving.

We will be learning the names and properties of 3D shapes, exploring how we measure time and learning the value of coins and how to use them through role play activities in our Beach Cafe.


Thank you for those of you who have made contributions towards our cooking activities. We hope to continue with cooking throughout the year, and so your weekly contributions of 50p are very much appreciated.


Role-play offers children an exciting way to explore communication and language and promotes the vital skills of personal and social development. We currently have four role-play areas in Pixie Class; a desert island, a pirate ship, a seaside cafe and a mud kitchen.   Children learn so much in their role-play, for example, writing messages in bottles, creating maps, shopping lists, menus and " wanted" posters. Opportunities for numeracy are explored in using money at the shop,  lego and bricks to build models, counting and ordering giant footprints, shells and pirate coins. 


Please ensure that your child has a full and named PE kit.  During Term one, I shall be introducing the children to the structure of a PE lesson and giving them the opportunity to explore and experiment with the sports equipment.  In Term 2 the children’s PE lessons will be given under the instruction of our specialist sports coach, Mr. Andy Booker.  

Modern Foreign Language (MFL)

We are very lucky to have French every Wednesday morning with Madame Neaves.


As you are aware reception class is the last year of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) which is the 0-5 year’s curriculum. At the end of reception we are legally required to make an assessment judgement for each child against this profile. To enable us to do this we track your child’s learning during the year largely through observing them in purposeful play. We are trained to develop children in this way and we make a record of this learning for each child. Therefore each child has a ‘learning journey’ during their time with us.  We now record the children’s individual ‘Learning Journeys’ through a piece of educational software called ‘Tapestry.’  

By logging on with a secure username and password you will be able to view some of your child’s observations, photographs and possibly even videos from their time in Reception class.  You will even receive an email telling you when a new observation or piece of work is available for you to view.  For more information about Tapestry, please do not hesitate to ask to see me.


Mrs Frost



Useful links:

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